Photographs by Massimo Maggioni


My name is Massimo Maggioni. I have a diploma in Information Tecnology and I work in an engineering company in Bologna. I knew the passion for photography thanks to my wife close to 35 years. I love to photograph mostly landscapes and macro.

I would like to grow professionally as a photographer of nature subjects and work alongside professionals. However for the moment I will continue to develop my passion to shot. I will study in detail all the shooting techniques. I want to learn about the different emotions that a photo can transmit using different techniques and points of view. And naturally I wish everyone good time and so many emotions through photography.
Massimo Maggioni



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26 November 2014

Hello people. Welcome back to my site. Today I want to say that I've updated the picture galleries. I set up only one main directory containing 20 pictures. I hope you will enjoy. That's all for now and stay tuned. Sincerely. Max